As the child naps with his dad, I tip toe around the house looking for my spectacles. Chores can wait. I tell myself. Both the dishwasher and dryer may wake up the tired sleepers. That is my justification to put off these chores. I have cookies to bake but again I will not do it now. Clinking spoons may disturb their dreams.

Yes, I have bills to pay. Maybe I will do that now. I switch on my laptop watching the snow outside. Let me get a blanket and feel comfortable. I get a couple of pillows and a blanket and shift closer to the window! I watch my neighbor clearing snow above his car. This is the second time he is going out in this snow. I wonder why for a minute and then tell myself it’s none of my business.window-564287_960_720


I check the weather forecast on my laptop. It’s going to snow most of the weekend. That’s okay by me. I have no plans of going out. I check my emails lazily .I remember the bills. But my card is in the drawer of the nightstand in the bedroom. I see that its due in another week. That can wait I think. No need to go in there and risk waking them up.

I see that my to-do list is long. I have 2 reviews to write one of them being a book review. That means I have to read that book. I download the pdf and start reading. It gets interesting but then I remember, I have to finish a blog post on our recent trip to an aquarium. I see 17 drafts as I open this blog site of mine. Some day I will finish them all I tell myself. As I perfect my introductory sentence, I browse through the pictures of the visit. Maybe I will decide which ones to upload, and edit them now. I am not in that creative mood to write the post, I tell myself. That reminds me of my incomplete photo album on a travel site. Maybe I should do that now. It is quick work plus I will get to cross one thing off my list.

I upload a couple lazily. The snow continues outside. I see a family getting down from their car. A little girl jumps out and starts playing in the snow, as her parents get out their shopping bags. She seems delighted as she collects the falling flakes in her hands and then blows them off. Her mother seems to call her and after what seemed like little reluctance to me from the distance, the girl walks in.The mom closes the door behind the man who takes in the last of the shopping bags. The car lock beeps. The scene once again is white and still except for the falling snow.

I look back at my laptop. I have uploaded 3 pics. I remember my Acadia trip as I caption them. I remember summer and the beaches. I wonder what I would have been doing this Saturday afternoon if it had been a summer weekend. Would I be on a sandy beach or pool? Definitely not indoors I think as I get up to get myself some coffee and cookies.

I ignore the pile of dirty dishes on the way back to my seat by the window.  Most of the cookies in the pack are broken. I sip my coffee and browse for a good broken cookie recipe. A winter service vehicle drives by clearing the road. I hear a little stirring from the bedroom. I get up to check if the child woke up. I see the father patting him back to sleep. I return to my seat. He will be up soon I think. I will soon get busy with chores. The quiet will soon be replaced by singing teddys and tumbling blocks.

This is my hour I think. The pictures have been uploaded. I feel a little productive. I get an idea and this time I tell myself to stick to it. I tell myself not to get distracted as I write about my distracted mind. As I get to the end of my article about this Saturday afternoon, I hear faint calls of mommy. I know it’s time to switch off the laptop and pick up the child. Its time to attend dirty dishes and laundry. It’s time to stack blocks. It’s time to put some snacks on the plate. Its time to switch on the lights on the Christmas tree. It’s time to embrace the chilly evening, glad that the afternoon was well spent.

PC: Pixabey





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