The Holiday season always excites me. With Christmas around the corner, I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. Decorate my home and give it that Christmassy feeling. Bake some cookies! Wrap some gifts! There is so much to buy. Groceries, decor, gifts, toys to name a few. Maybe it is also time to upgrade to a new phone or gift Daddy a music player. But all that fun shopping might just leave a big hole in the pocket! So if you are on a budget and a big shopping list (like me) then, say hi to my shopping mate here Retale.


Retale makes looking for deals easier than ever before. Just download this app, set your location by zip code and you are good to go. You can also choose your favourite retailers. Now type in what you want (From baby food to smartphone). It will tell you the best deals for them around you.

I made full use of this app on Black Friday and hope to get more shopping done this Christmas season. We had a big list from a soundbar to toys and some winter wear. I was sure to look up on Retale as well and just like every app, Retale also sends notifications, in this case on weekly ads from retailers.

So that Black Friday morning  I woke up to notifications on deals on the items in my list and I had the day planned by breakfast. After all, what’s better than a 50% off? A 70% off and who told me where that was? RETALE of course!!! With Retale by my side, I was sure to hit the stores that offered the best deals and grab them all with both hands.  I could happily live that day again! So, that Friday evening I was home with all of that stuff saving almost $100. Don’t you believe me? See these awesome deals.

The big pluses

  1. It’s really really easy to get started. Okay again really easy. Why am I repeating it? Because it’s that simple. Download the app here. Then enter your zip code. Select your favourite stores and you are all set.
  2. It doesn’t ask you any personal details like your email id, Fb account, phone number or any thing for that matter. So you don’t have to sign up, confirm email or fill a form, create an account to get started.
  3. It brings all the weekly deals to your smartphone. Like those paper flyers but only digital. Clicking on some products will also take you to the retailers product page.
  4. You can create a shopping list. Now, what’s great about typing in a shopping list? The number of deals that show up right in front of the item typed. You tell Retale what you want and Retale pulls all the deals on that item in a close by radius. (You can also type in the quantity)
  5. There are coupons too. Save your coupons to use them instore or online whenever you want to (before they expire of course).

Now you don’t have to search for sales online or skim through your mails to save on those headphones. Just get RETALE, shop to your heart’s content and save some along the way!! Happy shopping.

Disclaimer: I have corresponded with Retale to facilitate this post, however, it is NOT a sponsored post and all opinions expressed are my own.


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