As parentswe have all eagerly waited for our child’s first words.  We have been delighted with all those boo boos and gagaas! And, when the words did come along we have marked the date and celebrated!!! Talking is indeed a big milestone and deserves all the encouragement a parent can offer.

This brings us to today’s topic Flashcards! Let me be honest here. I was not a huge fan of flashcards before I knew Kim or her cards. Kim is a licensed speech and language pathologist (and feeding specialist) and has been working for over 23 years with children from birth to three. When she explained me about them, what caught my attention was her claim that they represent early sounds kids can produce and that there are NO OTHER set of flashcards that targets early sounds!


A lot of flashcards available to parents are  challenging to the little ones. Yes those Bananas and trees may as well be appealing  but that little crawler in your house isn’t ready for it. That’s what Kim is trying to tell you. It takes time to get to the complex words and these cards help you take one step at a time. By avoiding challenging words and introducing the easy sounds you are making learning fun and enjoyable for the child. 

My First Sounds and Words Flashcards contains over 40 flashcards/pictures (yes you read that right! OVER 40) that are easiest for your little one to say. The flashcards contain pictures of sounds and words that are acquired first by a child (M, B, P, H & N). They include a wide variety of words like nouns, pronouns, prepositions, action words among others. There is also an option to personalise a few. They come with an explanation on how to use them and make the most of them.

My 2-year-old adores them. Many have already been familiar to him now and can vocalise a lot from the cards. He relates the pictures with the sound giving you the impression that he is reading.

Simple, colourful these cards introduce your little one to the sounds he or she can easily and naturally  produce. The bright colours and pictures are sure to engage little minds. A big plus for me is the various category of words included. Everyday words like food, veggies, animal sounds, parts of the body among others that are a part of daily conversations.  And once he or she has mastered the sounds, fret not, the cards are still useful. There are action words to say and imitate. So as your baby grows into a toddler he or she is going to learn ‘up’ and ‘hop’ thanks to the cards.

You can buy these cards from Etsy and do visit The Speech Mamma blog for more tips and advice.

Disclaimer:  I was sent the products free of cost to facilitate this post, however, all opinions expressed above are my own.


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