Beautiful views here, beautiful views there and beautiful views everywhere. That is Acadia National Park for you. Abundant with nature’s wonders (and Lobster Joints) this is a nature lover’s (and a food lover’s) paradise as it serves tall mountains, blue ocean, lush green jungles, clear lakes, rich avifauna and colorful blooms all in one plate. Its a place to relax, wonder, admire and soak in every bit of nature.

Day 1

We first stopped at the or rather climbed to the  Hulls Cove Visitor Center for the pass. Take your time here  and don’t be in a rush. Grab the maps and other info leaflets. Talk to the people there to make the best out of your visit.

Post the visiting center we drove down the Park Loop Road.

Park loop is a great way to savor the beauty of Acadia especially if you are a first time visitor and haven’t done much research like me. It’s a well-maintained and well-marked road that makes sure you don’t miss any major attraction of the park like the sand beach, Thunder Hole, Otter point to name a few. Part of the road allows only one-way traffic, which you may want to keep in mind while you drive.

We first stopped at the Thunder Hole. Where the crashing waves hit the rocky shore for a thunderous boom owing to the rock crevice leading to a cavern with air trapped inside. p1110868


The sea was calm during our visit hence did not get to hea much of a thunder.



We skipped the Beaches because it was quite cold. After stopping for views and pictures at various points we headed to Jordan Pond House for an early lunch.p1110883



At Jordan Pond House get an outdoor seating if possible to enjoy the view while savoring the delicious food. They are not really fussy about the time you spend there, so no need to rush. I loved their lobster roll and housemade ice cream. And whilst there don’t forget to ask for their beet chips. They are great! Post lunch, walked to the Jordan Pond and stacked some pebbles.p1110905




After taking rest back at the hotel, we headed up the Cadillac Mountain for the sunset.The drive itself is a treat to the eyes. As you drive up the 3.5-mile summit road, the islands  become smaller and smaller dots amidst the vast sea.  It feels like you will drive into the clouds if you had not tuned with the curve. Once atop, turn any side to be greeted by spectacular views of the park with its mountain peaks, lakes, ocean and islands.   The sunset was great and worth battling the chill and wind.


Beautiful Evening atop Cadillac Mountain


Day 2

We began by driving to the Echo Lake Beach in Mount Desert Island. If you ever wanted one of those pictures with beautiful hills in the background and clear reflection of yourself in the water with ripples and the scenery along, then this is the opportunity. It’s a tranquil beauty. My favorite of the trip.img_7557


Our second stop was Seawall, which is a natural seawall by the way and then we drove up to Bass Harbor Head Lighthousep1110972


We spotted this little cutie




The lighthouse and the views from there

Next, we headed to the Schooner Head Overlook a beautiful scenic part of Acadia overlooking Frenchman Bay and its Egg Rock Island with the Lighthouse. We took a trail down from the deck to look for  the sea cave. While I was content to stay atop the cave my husband and a few other tourists went down to find that cave. Apparently, it was too slippery to enter and hence they just clicked a couple of pics of the entrance.




Tip:  Don’t go looking for it during high tide and if you can’t balance on slippery surfaces like me. It’s dangerous so do your research before you decide to go there. This is a great link about it.

Bar Harbor was our last stop before heading home. We walked the Shore Path before shopping for souvenirs. It has some great harbor views.The boats, yachts, cruise ships, islands, birds and of course fellow tourists. Neat, pleasant and a great sunset point I was told.



Last but not the least we looked for souvenirs. Lined with shops, opportunities are plenty and so are the options (Tshirts, antiques, handicrafts, jewelry, jams, maple syrup, Tea, candy and candles and many more) We picked ours at The Acadia Shops.

So, that is a summary of my escapade to Acadia for you. I know we did skip a few attractions but we are sure to back again when we get a chance.



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