I know you are wondering if there are any best times and places for toddler tantrums? and I agree with you that there aren’t. But sometimes they hit you on the wrong times at the wrong places. They are the worst and I am talking about the likes of these, helpless hopeless situations.

  1. Public Transport: You can pull over the car to cool down a child and convince him not to eat the blueberry he dropped. But there is no way I can do that when in a bus or train. As you try to distract him you can almost hear people screaming in their heads “Blueberries could have waited till you got down this damn bus”
  2. Planes: You are have lost sleep dreading that day and preparing for it, but it’s not going to be easy. You know it and by the looks of it, you could tell that all the passengers who saw you both, while boarding, knew that this was going to be one hell of a journey.
  3. When guests are over: You don’t know whom to attend. The screaming toddler or the guests. As every attempt of your conversation and hospitality is interrupted, you worry they will never visit you again.
  4. When you are visiting someone: Especially if it’s because he wants to play with their expensive vase or throw blocks at their TV. You end up making them feel guilty or worse yet, worrying if they are judging your way of parenting
  5. On a guided tour of a museum or anything similar: I know you are going to ask me why the hell did you take him there. I agree it was a wrong decision and I was being insanely optimistic.
  6. When you are out having fun and you receive that call from home to come back because nothing is calming the screaming child. You wonder if you have super powers as you head back.
  7. When you have to walk from the supermarket to the car with your handbag, 3 shopping bags  and  your toddler. It would have taken less than a minute with a docile toddler but today you are going to drop and trip.
  8. At his grandparents deserves a special mention because now you have to endure at least one full hour of lecture about parenting and related stuff from your MOM! Brought back the memories of teen years, didn’t it?
  9. Any place that’s meant to be silent like temples and other places of worship where people come to find some peace from the noisy chaos of the world. You know that they are going to have to continue that search for peace thanks to your toddler.
  10. At a restaurant especially in the middle of the meal where you have to take the child out to calm him down (otherwise he is going to break one of those plates) and then handover the child to one of your party and gobble up your food alone. More worse? Eating, holding a screaming struggling child.
  11. When you are absorbed in something very interesting and your toddler just wants your attention right now. Think climax of a movie, conversation with a bestie or choosing between pink and red tops.

What was your worst do let me know.


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