The Internet has an unlimited resource on motherhood, newborns and everything connected to it. Just googling anything from burping a baby to sleep training it is bound to return a gazillion pages of myriad methods of doing it. Its easy to get lost in the web of information that is sometimes guiding, motivating, reassuring and also sometimes misguiding and confusing.

During those first few weeks of motherhood, the internet was my best friend. It almost never disappointed me. It gave me the answers I was looking for and much more. With time however, I realised that the more time I gave to the internet, the less to my child. And, though I spent time learning about babies and toddlers, I was actually not applying them because, a. lack of clarity due to too much information. b. lack of time and rest (because I spent a lot of time on the internet).

Of the may things I used internet here is a description and its pros and cons

Looking up on taking care of the baby: So, when I looked up burping a newborn, I had two options. Glance at few top results, apply them and come back if they dont work, or go on and on reading about burping a baby like which parts of the brain is involve in burping, and the evolutionary explanation for it and so on. Needless to say, I chose the second option.

I spent a lot of time in front of the laptop or hooked to my phone. I got lost. Every link led me to another crosslink. Occasionally I would come across a new terminology and I would go researching on it, forgetting where I started in the first place. It was so addictive. I was bloated with information.

Looking Up on Symptoms: Do I have to explain? Anyone who has dealt with colic or eczema will tell you.We will just do anything to ease that. The only problem is there is some contradictory information there. The best idea here was to just stick to my paediatrician’s advice.

Shopping: Shopping for a newborn itself is enticing. Online shopping takes it to a different level. Be it clothes or toys or gear.  There are hundreds of options. There isn’t anyone judging you if you are looking for clearance or only top brands. As I glanced through various online shopping websites, I got lost in the reviews. I read and re-read. I added something to my cart, removed, added something else and son on and on and on. The problem was by the time I decided on buying something (after a thorough research oof course, my child had either outgrown it (babies grow fast) or had too little time for it (rattles dint intereset my son much after he started crawling)

Networking: with other moms is good. That been there done that talk is good. Only if you are not doing that all day or at the expense of taking your child for a walk.

That’s pretty much what kept me hooked on to the net. I use my smartphone mostly to take pics of my child and though I still spend time on the internet, I do it mostly when my child is asleep or when someone else watching my child.

Let me know your thoughts.



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