Supermarkets are like toddler wonderlands, any store for that matter. But supermarkets are different and special. They are fantasy lands!!! Be it the grocery section or the toys, with temptations galore, there is no stopping a spirited toddler!! So, summing up that experience of shopping for you!!

  1. She wants to run around and you are afraid she will knock down an expensive china. You will not tell her that because when you do, you are drawing her attention to it and she might pick one. You keep watching, hoping she doesn’t discover them.
  2. She wants you to buy the exact same teddy she already has at home. No, she is not leaving the store without that teddy.
  3. She finds the neatly hung clothes an awesome place to play peek-a-boo. After a while, she gets  entangled in them and cannot get out. You rush in the direction of “Mommyy” to free her.
  4. She wants to get inside the fitting room along with you. Once she is inside she wants to go out. Once she is out she wants to come in. You ignore her “Mommy, Mommy” and she knocks the hell out of the place with deafening screams. So you let her in.
  5. Now that she is inside with you in the fitting room and she wants daddy too. It’s okay if you are in between changing. That happens at home, doesn’t it? Getting your spouse so that you can shop leisurely wasn’t a great idea after all.
  6. She sees you try a top and insists on trying a sparkling maxi (adult size). You are worried she will break down the jewelry sewn into it. You point that out to her and now she wants to play with that sparkling neckline. She wants to take it home. There is no way getting out of this one
  7. She thinks it’s fun crashing the shopping cart into the neatly stacked shelves.
  8. She cannot lift the laundry detergent. It’s so heavy. She can’t even drag it. This calls for a quick trip down the meltdown alley.
  9. She sees you pick up some packets of bread from the counter. “So we are playing this game again. Let’s empty the shelf and fill our cart with bread.” You keep them back and she finds the game more fun.
  10. Oh! Wow! those are brooms? Let’s begin sweeping. Let’s throw all these balls out of the basket. Now that you said NO a little sternly she needs some hugs and kisses. “This one was easy”, you think as you oblige.
  11. Oh! The frozen food section. That’s her favorite place.So let’s slam the refrigerator doors open and shut. Oh no, she can’t reach the handle. “SCCCREEECHHH..” On second thought, this is not her favorite section.
  12. She sees another mom pushing a stroller and she remembers hers. She wants it now. You reason with her that she is grown up and can walk. She doesn’t care. She wants her stroller. You tell her that stroller is only for sleeping babies and if she wants one she should sleep quietly in it. For once,she stops crying. The lady with the stroller gives you a smile.
  13. Let’s stack these yogurt cups. Let’s try opening this milk carton. Look at that colored liquid in that bottle. Let’s shake that.
  14. She perfectly fits into the little shelf space and doesn’t want to get out of it.
  15. “Mommy, let’s not go home. Let’s live here at the supermarket.”


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