Now I don’t mean he counts like the way we do. He doesn’t come to me asking for 2 scoops of ice cream nor can he recognise the numerical number.But if there are 2 trucks on the road, he is able to tell two-two trucks. You get it? I am talking about the concept of numbers.

It all began a few months ago. There were stickers on either side of his car seat. You know the warning and labels stuff. So, it was a long journey and we started this game. I would sing and he would point. It went something like this, “A sticker over here (he would point the sticker on the right side) and A sticker over there (he would point to the left sticker)” After a while I added “ Two-Two stickers are there” I don’t know if this makes any sense to you and trust me in  beginning it was just something to keep him from crying. This game, however, became one of his favourites. Often I found myself singing


“A toy over here and a toy over there, Two-Two toys are there.”

“A ball over here and a ball over there, Two-Two balls are there”

“A car over here and a car over there, Two-Two cars are there”

As days went by it became evident that this 1.5-year-old was searching for opportunities to play this game. He would bring two of his books or two of his toys or anything he thought were exactly the same and keep pointing. As I picked the cue and began singing, he would giggle and happily point. It would go on forever. Yes, I did find it irritating at times, but I figured he is learning something.

Now after hundreds  of


“An apple over here and an apple over there, Two-Two apples are there.”

“A table over here and a table over there, Two-Two tables are there.”

“A painting over her and a painting over there, Two-Two paintings are there.”

“A tree over here and a tree over there, Two-Two trees are there.”

“A truck over here and truck over there, Two-Two trucks are there.”

He is able to point at two birds outside and say “Two-Two buhrs” (that cute babble).Now we have some modifications to the songs. When we spot a triple of something we sing


“A key over here and two-two keys over there, Three-Three keys are there”

“A stone over here and two-two stones over there, Three-Three stones are there”

“A star over here and two-two stars over there, Three-Three stars are there”

“A spoon over here and two two spoons over there, Three-Three spoons are there”

And if there are fourcanadian-geese-1483070_960_720

“Two birds over here and Two birds over there, Four-four birds are there.”

“Two bikes over here and Two bikes over there, Four-four bikes are there.”

“Two pens over here and Two pens over there, Four-Four pens are there.”

“Two chairs over here and Two chairs over there. Four-Four chairs are there.”

As for the rest of the numbers, I would love to hear if anyone has ideas!!




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