Welcome to Teddyinatricycle!!

I am not so good at doing introductions, so let me put it straight. This is a blog where I express my experiences and opinions on motherhood with an occasional digression to cooking (come’on if one of my recipes turned out great, you deserve to know) and travel. Now that includes a lot from play to nutrition to education to manners and everything in between. Yes, mothering is a daunting task, but its fun too.

Hold On! If you think this is another blog on do’s and dont’s and an endless list of puree recipes (We need those blogs too) then you are so wrong. Wait a minute! I don’t think I can pass on purees. It’s so difficult to please the taste buds of little ones, I guess you would be thankful if I could throw in a couple of ingredients to your recipe and make your dinner time a hit right? So, Yes it is about making those dinner times and play times a hit.Its about funtimes and hardtimes.Its a documentation of a hard and honest effort being a good parent.

So join me in this and lets inspire each other as we enjoy parenthood to max. Would love to hear from you So feel free to comment, (You have a different opinion and I would love hear that) critisise, (I am not always the best) and praise (sometimes I am the best).

PS: I named this blog over my child’s two favourite toys: a Teddy bear and a Tricycle.



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